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mom's cucumber salad

during the summers my mom would have a garden and have fresh cucumbers. yum! she would make a cucumber salad. on a hot day this stuff is awesome.

rice vinegar
sesame seeds
a pepper

1) cut the cucumber into chips. however thin or thick you like. i like them thin. you may want to taste your cucumber first and remove the skin if it tastes bitter to you. also, you want cucumbers where the seeds haven't hardened; that is that the seeds are soft and translucent and don't feel like seeds when you bite them. otherwise you need to remove the seeds. put this in a bowl.
2) remove the seeds from the pepper, mince or dice the pepper. add to bowl. the peppers are mostly for flavor than for heat. but i like spicy peppers.
3) add sesame seeds to taste
4) add enough water and vinegar to barely cover everything. adjust water and vinegar mixture to your level of sourness.
5) add sugar and/or salt to taste. salt helps adjust possible residual bitterness from the cucumber.
6) chill. eat as a salad. good with cold soups. it's good as a salad for about 1-2 days chilled. and then it turns into pickled cucumbers.

1) you can add turnips, radishes, bell peppers, carrots and etc, but i'd cut the cucubmer thicker so the seasoning is even.
2) you can add pickling spices, or pepper corns.
3) i've done this once just using the juice from those jars of pickled jalepenos

if you let this pickle in a sealed jar or container, make sure it's sour (that there's enough vinegar). if it liquid is sour to you, then it's sour enough. otherwise you run the risk of botulism. science fact: in an enclosed environment (no fresh air) without something acidic, you can get botulism. acid prevents this. (so does heat from canning).
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