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seasoned soy sauce

seasoned soy sauce
i eat many dishes with soy sauce. but not plain soy sauce. my mom usually makes soy sauce with different seasonings. the seasonings are never consistent, but usually along these lines. this is best for things that aren't too oily. i use it on oatmeal, rice porridge, korean style maki (sushi rolls), korean style flat dumplings, potstickers/wontons, potsticker/wonton soups, and unseasoned boiled meats, and other semi-"bland" foods. does work for tempura. this stuff is awesome with a cold block of fresh tofu.

- soy sauce, use a sweet soy sauce, not one of the salty ones. you can use fish sauce instead, also.
- green onions
- roasted sesame seeds
- sesame oil
- a pepper, selected for taste more than spiciness
- black pepper
- pepper flakes or powder
- ginger
- garlic

note: all additions are to taste. you can leave things out.
1) pour soy sauce into a small bowl
2) slice ginger into thin slivers. bash them once with something hard. you want to break some fibers. add to soy sauce
3) add chopped green onions
4) bash the sesame seeds a little. you want to creak the outer shell, but not break the seeds. add to soy sauce.
5) remove seeds from the pepper (unless you like the taste of pepper seeds). mince the pepper. my mother uses whatever pepper is on hand. sometimes it's spicy and sometimes not. add mince pepper to soy sauce. you can use bell peppers for this (well part of a bell pepper).
6) add black pepper. i usually leave this out.
7) add a little sesame seed oil. i don't like sesame seed oil much. so i tend to leave this out if i'm making this just for myself.
8) add spicy pepper flakes or power.
9) add garlic. slice, diced, crushed, or minced.

you can leave out whatever you want. there's a little too much flavor competition if you add ginger and garlic and peppers. 2 out of the three is usually okay.

- add a sweet vinegar (usually rice vinegar). works betters for slighty oilier foods like fried rice, fried wonton, meat dumplings. personally i think the vinegar version is aweful for tempura. also good with cold tofu.
- add brown sugar. some people like it sweet. i don't.
- increase the volume, add brown sugar, and a dice or pureed onion. this can be used as a meat marinade. remember marinades tenderize meat. if you overmarinade meat, it gets mushy - ew! this marinade works for thinly sliced meets or chicken breasts. better for grilling, baking, broiling, frying.
- increase volume, add more brown sugar than the other marinade, and pureed onion. can beused as bbq'ing sauce, or a rub if you add enough onion, or as a marinade. good with spare ribs and bbqing meats.
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