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mom's cooking

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this community exists to publish mom's recipes. in particular this community focuses on those dishes mom cooked without measuring and/or using a recipe. (grandma's, granddad's, great aunt's, dad's, etc. recipes are also welcome.) other types of recipes are welcome, but please do not post recipes that are already published in cookbooks, magazines, websites, etc.

it also exists to ask for recipes that your mom might have cooked, that you would like to cook, or try to cook.

the primary description of a "mom's recipe" is that mom kind of just throws it together with what's on hand and it works. which usually means there is some core recipe with a great deal of variation allowed in measurement and ingredients.

so, if you do post one of mom's recipes, please include a discussion about what happens when you vary the recipe. for example, one of my mom's recipes uses chili peppers. the type of pepper isn't specified. however, different peppers have different flavors and levels of spiciness. so i would need to discuss how variations affect the recipe. does it affect the amount of soy sauce? or sugar? can you leave out the ginger, if the pepper has strong enough flavor? etc. also, for example, one of my mom's meat marinades is really meant for spare rib meat, but you can use better cuts of meat, but that means you might want to adjust the amount of sesame oil, olive oil, brown sugar, and the time the meat is marinaded.

mind you, you might not know why, and mom might not know why she changes things. but if you might ask her specific questions like, "what happens if you use napa cabage instead?" "what if you want to use pork instead of beef?" "what happens if you use pot roast meat instead of tri-tip?" "what if the dried spice is a little weak>?" "why do you use brown suger instead of white sugar?" "can you use less salt, if you use more brine shrimp?" "can i use canned tomatoes instead?" etc.

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