peter k (stoneself) wrote in momscooking,
peter k

egg cheese rice

my mom used to make this every so often when i was a kid. i used to make it in college.

- just cooked rice
- eggs (see instructions for quantity)
- cheese (whatever you like)

1) cook rice in rice cooker.
2) just after the rice cooker flips up the lever (or otherwise indicates that it is done), crack an egg into the rice and mix in. add as many eggs as you want. i usuall add one egg per cup of dry rice i started cooking with.
3) cover and let sit until the egg is cooked to your level of comfort. i like fairly uncooked eggs for this. if necessary start the rice cooker again to cook the eggs more.
4) after you decide the eggs are done to your liking. add cheese. let it melt. mix it in.

serve and eat. i usually eat this with soy sauce or mexican salsa (more like pace than an al fresco style).

- just put the eggs on the top of the rice. don't mix in. let poach.
- add sausage. depending on the type of sausage, you need to vary when you put the sausage in. if you use chinese sausage you can usually just put it in after the rice has just finished or a little before.
- i sometime add frozen veggies, you have to add them early enough so they heat up, but not so early that they turn to overcooked mush.
- leave out cheese

mostly this is about one pot cooking. :)
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